Chief Wolfe’s Round-up

Great info from Chief Vince Wolfe.  Let’s put it all together in a quick Round-up.  If you didn’t read it, check it out!

  • Allow your people to put their lessons or knowledge to work.
  • Be present, but don’t stand on their shoulders.
  • Teach, Train, and Mentor your people.

These are great ways to grow your staff.  For some, it is difficult to let go of the reigns a bit.  But, a key point to becoming a great leader is realizing that you can’t do it all on your own, nor should you.  You must allow your staff to spread their wings.

Being present, but not standing on your staff’s shoulders, is also another difficult stance.  Your staff will grow their respect for you if you show your trust.  If you allow your staff to take stock in the task, by working independently, you cannot smother them.  New, or even seasoned, managers often have trouble with this point.  They believe that if they are not directly involved in a task, it won’t be completed on time, accurately, or in a manner that is pleasing for them.  Let me say… If you trained them, mentored them, and provided the right tools, they will come through.  This is echoed by Chief Ford here.

Finally, you must teach your staff the way you want them to work, train your staff on the knowledge and information they need to be successful, and mentor them so that they can improve and rise up to be the best possible.  This point is scary for some.  I have heard people say that they are scared to teach others for fear they might surpass himself.  i.g. I train Bob and then he gets promoted above me.  You can not let this stop you.  If anything, you will look better because your people will be known as knowledgeable and as achievers.


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