27 August ’13

So, last night I Tweeted this.  “It’s almost 11pm east coast.  Are you prepared to lead your staff tomorrow?  Decide on your plan and take action.”  Why is this important?

It is so important, as a leader, that you are ready to lead your staff each and every day.  Ready is the key word.  You should show up to work ready to go and with a plan.  This will inspire trust and respect.  If you show up to work looking like a slob, your people might think that you aren’t prepared.  They need to know that you have a plan for whatever is going to happen that day or that you will know what to do when things get bad.  This is a daily action you must take.  Take pride in your appearance!

Having a plan is also extremely important.  If your staff don’t believe that you have a plan, they might begin formulating their own plan.  This is bad.  Everyone needs to be on the same page and when you don’t project that you have a plan, they may freelance.  HAVE A PLAN!  Tell them you have a plan.  Act on your plan.  Being a leader means that everyone should be able to turn to you for guidance.

Take time before work, or the night before, and think about the next day.  What’s on the agenda?  What meetings do you have?  Are you prepared for these action items?  You people will see that you are a prepared leader and will place their trust in you to lead them forward.

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