It’s official.  We are on wordpress.org platform now.  I’m still building the site, but I anticipate having it up and running by this weekend.  Change your bookmarks to managingfires.com  I’m excited.

Big news coming your way for the first post on managingfires.com  BIG BIG BIG news!  Let’s just say that you will get a $250 value for free!  No strings, no preasure to buy anything.  Nothing but free content that you would normally have to pay for.  (and travel)

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Guest Speaker on Podcast

I am beyond excited about October.  I just learned that a world renowned speaker has accepted my invitation to be on the Managing Fires Podcast.  I can’t reveal the person’s name yet, but trust me when I say… “You can’t afford to miss this episode.”

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Love this. Trust!

I love this quote.  It’s so true that if your staff doesn’t trust you, they will have a very difficult time following you.  Check out what Chief Ford says about trust and communication.

Culture Change. It’s Hard!!!

Check out the newest podcast on iTunes. Managing Fires Radio is live today! We talk about culture change and how to make it happen in your organization.

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Podcast!!! It’s alive!!!

That’s right folks.  I’m a couple days late but it’s real.  Forgive my tardiness but I didn’t realize Apple had to review the podcast before letting out for the world to have.  So here it is.  Download and subscribe.

I’ll take all of the feedback you can muster.  Really, I can take even the harshest words.  Let me know what you think.

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What’s Next?

So, it’s a the first day of the workweek and you are all back in action.  I also, am back in action.  I’m made a goal of writing 2 chapters for the eBook this week.  *fingers crossed*  I have so many ideas in my head and on paper.  I just need to organize them all.  Every time I think about the book, more ideas pop up.

But hear is my biggest idea.  I want everyone to use the comment section below to make requests.  So essentially, I want you to write the table of contents, and I will go do the interviews, research, and writing.  The overall topic is growth as a leader.

Also, I want this to be a huge collaboration.  So, like us on Facebook.  Subscribe to the blog.  Click here to tweet this!

This is going to be awesome.  Oh!  More great news.  Our first Podcast will be posted on Friday.  I can’t wait.  Details to follow.

I am beyond motivated about everything that is going on.  Join me.  Motivation is contagious!

What are they up to?

It’s Saturday night at 10:30.  It’s a holiday weekend.  You are relaxing and enjoying the time off.  Maybe watching some football.  What are your employees doing?  Did you provide a plan for the weekend?  Did you provide the tools needed to accomplish the goals you established?  Did you mentor, and train, your employees to be successful?  These are the keys of a triumphant leader.

Leading means that, each and every day, you support your staff by giving them the guidelines, tools, and knowledge to accomplish your goals.  Further, if you show them how your success will benefit them, your goals will become theirs.  This is the path to success.

As a leader, you are an enabler.  You are the catalyst to drive ideas and make them reality.  You are the one that people turn to for guidance.  Don’t leave your staff stuck in the mud while you pull away with the only ropes that can help them out.

If, you did not prepare them before you left, fix it.  On Tuesday, walk-in and tell them you messed up.  Let them know how you plan to resolve it.  Further, show them your plan that show how you prevent it from happening again.  Remember, this whole thing is about communication.  It’s about letting your staff know you support them and are working for them.

Now, go enjoy your weekend.  Show up ready to work on Tuesday!

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