What’s Next?

So, it’s a the first day of the workweek and you are all back in action.  I also, am back in action.  I’m made a goal of writing 2 chapters for the eBook this week.  *fingers crossed*  I have so many ideas in my head and on paper.  I just need to organize them all.  Every time I think about the book, more ideas pop up.

But hear is my biggest idea.  I want everyone to use the comment section below to make requests.  So essentially, I want you to write the table of contents, and I will go do the interviews, research, and writing.  The overall topic is growth as a leader.

Also, I want this to be a huge collaboration.  So, like us on Facebook.  Subscribe to the blog.  Click here to tweet this!

This is going to be awesome.  Oh!  More great news.  Our first Podcast will be posted on Friday.  I can’t wait.  Details to follow.

I am beyond motivated about everything that is going on.  Join me.  Motivation is contagious!


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