Tell others how we helped you.  We are so excited about what’s coming.  Mary Anthony will be talking about her 30 years in Human Resources and how you can succeed as a leader by using 5 simple tools she’s compiled.


Powerful Stuff

Take a look at this post.  I realize it isn’t directly related to my site, but let just look at it.  The sum of the parts is you choose to succeed.  You intentionally take direct action to reach a goal.  I say, this is similar to what we speak about here.  You need to choose a path, form a plan, and take action.

Managing Fires. Don’t screw this one up!

I have spent half of my life managing fires.  I mean, I put them out.  In the world of being a fire fighter, that’s pretty simple.  You put water on the hot red stuff.  But later in my career I found out that fighting fire wasn’t what was going on most of the time.  What was it?  Managing the fires inside the fire house.

Now consider that every workplace is a fire house.  That is, people go there, have a common goal, spend tons of time with each other, and must complete a task.  Now, also consider that each fire house has its own unique dynamic or culture.  This is the fire that must be controlled.

Stick around, let’s figure out how to be a successful leader, fire fighter, of people.  We will talk with the most successful managers on the planet, put it all in one place, and GIVE YOU the tools to succeed.

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Managing fires is simple.  Managing the “Firehouse” is not!